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Move, act, evolve, join the conversation, build an era, generate ideas, make a point. From its lighthouse, La Peuplade helps navigate through an assertive, recognizable, necessary contemporary literature. Without borders, La Peuplade occupies the territory—keeping a balance—, incorporates open spaces, shines its light into the night, comforts the traveller.

 Moving to La Peuplade means adopting rigour and passion, without looking at the distance between the two. La Peuplade moves in the direction of people, goes cross-country, offers a backdrop, its own.


Prix littéraire des collégiens

Congratulations to Christian Guay-Poliquin, winner of the Prix des Collégiens for his novel The Weight of the Snow!

Two books shortlisted for the Prix des Libraires

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The New Yorker s’intéresse à Niviaq Korneliussen

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