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Nicholas Dawson

Nicholas Dawson holds an MA in Creative Writing and teaches literature in college. His poetry book, La déposition des chemins, was published by La Peuplade in spring 2010. He has published several articles online and in magazines (Moebius, Z.A.Q., Poème Sale, La Recrue du mois, Terra Nova). Along with writing, Nicholas Dawson is also a keen photographer, a hobby that he nourishes with two blogs: L’écran fenêtre is about the art of wandering, while Le Cadre rouge documents the various gatherings during the “Printemps québécois,” Quebec’s 2012 student protests. His photographic work has been shown by various alternative media and illustrates portions of the collective work Le printemps québécois: Une anthologie published by Écosociété in March 2013. Both in photography and in writing, his work is driven by the desire to bring people’s voices together, his own and those of others. Family, places, memory, individual and collective identities are at the centre of his artistic concerns.

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