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It’s not so much poetry writing as a certain approach to creation in particular and to reality in general that accounts for the fact that the word “poet” comes first to Simon Dumas’s mind when he asks himself in what box should people place him. A primordial language, poetry makes its way into the other modes of creation that he uses more and more: stage productions, media and the digital arts. He has published four books of poetry, including La chute fut lente interminable puis terminée with La Peuplade, nominated in 2009 for the Prix Alain-Grandbois of the Académie des lettres du Québec. His fourth title, Mélanie, was published in March 2013 by L’Hexagone. In 2000, he co-founded Rhizome, a non-profit organization whose mandate is to produce literary performances. He serves as its artistic director. In addition to the productions he has managed on behalf of Rhizome, Simon Dumas has completed many personal projects: three shows, an installation, and a short film, Projections, which was screened at the Rendez-vous du cinema québécois in 2011.

Simon Dumas was born in 1976 and lives in Quebec City.

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