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47atelier des saveurs

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47atelier des saveurs

Charles Sagalane


47 tasting sheets “to welcome yourself into the workshop”

47 dates, events, outings, encounters, launches

47 bouquets of flavours, from Japan to Saint-Gédéon

47 snapshots to “gravitate around” and “breathe with” food

47 poetic forms in keeping with today’s tastes

47 literary and gustative studies in order to “find a pairing”

47 loves at first sight on the tongue

47 table revelations

The experience promises to be unique—fuelled with humour, wisdom and sharing. A book for the reader who loves the next flavour.

Publication: September 10, 2013
124 pages, 978-2-923530-60-4, Print edition $19.95 / PDF $14.99

Praise for 47atelier des saveurs

Therefore, if I have retained the transmission, the rituals and the sincerity that take place in 47Atelier des saveurs, it may be because what remains of the collection, through the fine gourmet descriptions of paella, moose liver, the local flavours of raclette, or Islay single malt whisky, is a sense of respect, not towards mere “materials” … but rather towards natural resources and human wealth. By extension, it is a relationship with the world that is honoured.

Anne-Renée Caillé, Revue Liberté

47Atelier des saveurs isn’t for reading, it’s for savouring. We enter it a page at a time, letting ourselves be carried away by the book’s places, flavours, and above all by the smells we can imagine. For me, this is a very evocative collection. Of smells, flavours, colours, which all arouse the senses. We literally feel while reading a very tangible sense of what the author is sharing with us. And yet, the book’s construction at first appears disorderly. We dip into it as though from an old box of mismatched recipes. We then realize that these texts by Charles Sagalane, though short and diverse in form and content, are conceived with great writing skills.

Geneviève Bolduc, Un thé à la bibliothèque

Smell, taste, drink, eat: 47Atelier des saveurs is an ode to the flavours, colours and textures that we may find in our glasses, cups and plates.

Valérie Lessard, Le Droit

Goûteux, intime et politique comme jamais.

Hugues de la Librairie Charybde

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