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51 antichambre de la galerie des peintres

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51antichambre de la galerie des peintres

Charles Sagalane


In 51antichambre de la gallerie des peintres, the reader/visitor is invited on a journey into the heart of images. He will discover what happens to a self-portrait of Vuillard, the reasons behind the terror of Ivan the Terrible, where the spirit of the Chan masters’ brush leads us, the voices that live in the house of Arthur Villeneuve… and, maybe, on one of these pages, that the doors of this mysterious gallery will open.

Publication: April 11, 2011
184 pages, 978-2-923530-3-07, $19.95

Praise for 51antichambre de la galerie des peintres

This is an original approach to writing, both profound and entertaining, well informed and steeped in its subject (…).

Simon-Pierre Beaudin, Le libraire

Profound, well framed and formally convincing, the second part of Charles Sagalane’s 20musée moi awakens and enchants.

Julien Lavoie, Main Blanche

Interroge en profondeur […] notre rapport au réel, à l’art et à la marchandise, à l’intellection et à la sensation.

Hugues Robert, Librairie Charybde

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