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Bureau universel des copyrights

Bertrand Laverdure


This demented novel, assembling itself behind the scenes of its own theatre, features a character that dismembers and dislocates himself as he falls into “the hole of the living.” This book is the hole that is life. The only certainty. Self-possession is impossible: everything looks like it was programmed, drawn, decided in advance, written by someone other than oneself. Unrealistic or unlikely objects; literary, artistic and cinematic references; floods, debacles, rescues, patching up; doors, corridors and rooms; “decor, decor, decor, and more decor.” Everything leads to the Universal Copyright Office, where we learn that “every word, every piece of matter, every object, every letter, every bit of life, every idea, every character has its copyright.”

With this fourth novel, Bertrand Laverdure creates astonishment.

Publication: September 12, 2011
150 pages, 978-2-923530-32-1, Print edition $20.95, PDF/ePub $15.99,
Rights : World English

Praise for Bureau universel des copyrights

A novel about impossible unicity in a world where everything has been said, written and thought by someone other than oneself. An atypical writing, teeming, heterogeneous, and a bit crazy.

Marie-Louise Arsenault, Radio-Canada / Plus on est de fous, plus on lit

Bertrand Laverdure’s Bureau universel des copyrights draws us up into a burlesque abyss. A journey into the imagination that nonetheless stays deeply grounded in reality, Laverdure’s latest book is the beginning of many reflections.

Joël Martel, Voir

While having fun, Bertrand Laverdure addresses pertinent questions. Are we mere characters or real human beings acting and behaving freely? The reader won’t find an answer here. He will primarily have to locate himself in relation to what he goes through in reality. Disturbing, if not frightening. A surprising novel.

Yvon Paré, Progrès-dimanche

A homage to Erasmus and his madness, one must, at this novel’s threshold, abandon all hope of logic, evacuate one’s usual reading codes, and jump into the Laverdure experience.

Chantal Guy, La Presse

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