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Camera lucida: entretien avec Hugo Latulippe

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Camera lucida: entretien avec Hugo Latulippe

Thierry Ducharme


A contemporary essay on modern Quebec and the role of its creators.

Through these interviews with Hugo Latulippe, a young filmmaker, versatile artist, committed and involved in the type of counterculture which challenges our ways of seeing society and of living our daily lives, this book highlights these new reflections driving a substantial segment of the generation of new leaders of thought: those who are already changing the world.

The book, divided in two parts, first consists of an essay on the hypothesis of a social complex experienced by Quebecers in relation to their national identity, its cause, and on how art can play a role in facilitating the takeover of this fragile and utopian project, consisting in a more open, proud society, and a responsible, socially aware commitment. The second part of the book is devoted to interviews, in the form of verbatim accounts, that leave readers to their own understanding and interpretation of Hugo Latulippe’s words.

Publication: November 16, 2009
140 pages, 978-2-923530-14-7, $19.95

Praise for Camera lucida: entretien avec Hugo Latulippe

Its form is brief, its point is clear, its resonance is great. Camera Lucida is a short book collecting the voices of Thierry Ducharme and, especially, of the documentary maker and poet Hugo Latulippe in an inspiring conversation about cinema—the documentary form, first and foremost—, Quebec, its people and its future.

Dominic Bouchard, Revue Séquences

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