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Ce qui est là derrière

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Ce qui est là derrière

Geneviève Gravel-Renaud


What is there behind: the words of departure. The lover is gone, and he leaves behind a woman who recalls her wounds, puts them back into context every time she lays eyes on an object. The apartment, the books, the piano, the purple armchair, the dishes, the rocks, the bookmarks, all accompany us during this long journey. Doors close and open, while the woman knits and wonders if perhaps she didn’t invent the whole thing. The space resists, invaded by what’s absent. The dust settles, accumulates, but it doesn’t take much to revive the memories. Fortunately, there are other presences, Marie-H. and her baby. Fortunately, there are other possible stories.

An essential text for learning how to leave and dust off hearts.

Publication: February 13, 2012
83 pages, 978-2-923530-40-6, Print edition $18.95, PDF/EPub $13.99

Praise for Ce qui est là derrière

Geneviève Gravel-Renaud is already proving to be a writer to follow, since the language that unfolds in this first book is very accurate in tone, quivering in its use of forms, memories, and physical vividness.

Hugues Corriveau, Le Devoir

In Ce qui est là derrière, Geneviève Gravel-Renaud renders with a subtle realism the slow but necessary process of self-reconstruction that begins whenever a relationship ends.

Lise Bergeron, Le sabord

… the prose is beautiful and flows from the source inside Geneviève Gravel-Renaud’s first book of poetry.

Fabrice Masson-Goulet, Poème sale

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