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Cookie: a young modern woman, newly single, determined not to let herself be lulled by a relationship dictated by routine and habits. Plunged into an unexpected reality, Cookie discovers the young men of her generation, tries to make sense of relationships, and, in the midst of a dance of lovers, frankly criticizes the whole game.

With a generous and voluble style, Sophie Bouchard paints this contemporary malaise in which romantic relationships are tinged with non-commitment and rapid consumption.

Publication: May 1, 2008
282 pages, 978-2-923530-08-6, $23.95

Praise for Cookie

If we had to quickly summarize Sophie Bouchard’s first novel, we would probably say that Cookie is about travel, love and liberty, and all the tensions that arise between the three sides of this triangle always ready to swallow us. It is a lucid novel, acknowledging the difficulties experienced by a generation of men, but also women, who find it difficult to invest in a relationship.

Jean-François Caron, Voir Saguenay

A unique novel, with a glaring truthfulness that upsets, that beats us at our own game. … This first novel by Sophie Bouchard is rich; her style is very original, very well crafted, and the writing is beautiful. To start reading it, assuredly, is to finish it.

Caroline Larouche, Le Libraire

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