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Était une bête (2e éd.)

Laurance Ouellet Tremblay


Between her and her, a deep hollow that prevents her from seizing herself and inhabiting her body. There is, in the schoolyard, too much banality and hatred for her to continue to play quietly. She will have to split up and leave, abandoning a part of herself, her beast; leave it with the others in the schoolyard. Then begins a joust, a tight exchange of her words, explanations and apologies, of questions, prayers, requests for forgiveness. All the way to being sawed in half. All the way to survival.

Publication: January 13, 2015
108 pages, 978-2923530-93-2, $19.95

Praise for Était une bête (2e éd.)

A punch to the standards of poetry writing, whatever they are, a demonstration of strength that manages to translate a torn soul, a longing for the approval of others, their love, their recognition. … Such radical approaches are rare. This one convinced me completely. The project holds out. … An intense and strong book that makes no concession and accurately registers an understanding of the human soul of a shattered woman.

Hugues Corriveau, Le Devoir

Occupée par une parole alerte, l’écriture de Laurance Ouellet Tremblay fait parader des corps trompeurs et des visages touchés, répand les voix, les tactiques et les dissidences à qui veut les entendre, s’en emparer. Était une bête appelle à l’inclusion – « ce ne serait pas si terrible une personne de plus au coeur de vos troupes » –, à l’écoute et, forcément, au changement ou à l’insoumission, c’est selon., Gabriel Marcoux-Chabot, écrivain

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