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La déposition des chemins

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La déposition des chemins

Nicholas Dawson


La déposition des chemins is the poetic narrative of an exile in which the narrator speaks with a touching voice to a loved one living in a country in South America. The book examines the relationships between place of birth and of welcoming, between mother tongue and acquired language, and the impact of these relationships on identity.

This narrative poem, written with great fluidity, offers a path leading to reconciliation with the state of exile, both in terms of form and in the body of the poem.

Verses in Spanish punctuate this magnificent text by Nicholas Dawson.

Publication: June 14, 2010
74 pages, 978-2-923530-17-8, $16.95

Praise for La déposition des chemins

Chilean-born, Nicholas Dawson negotiates throughout this narrative poem a parallel between welcoming land and homeland. In the floating ice of French, freezing in the Montreal winter, interstices of Spanish slip in, loaded with warm memories and overwhelming emotions that will survive the winter, even an eternal one. The languages, skilfully interwoven inside, collaborate to the poetic mapping of a family that traces its pathways of reunion by refusing national borders and those of the horizon. La déposition des chemins, Dawson’s first book, is an ode to the mixing of cultures where Montreal becomes a concentrate of the world, carrying smells and words of all origins. That is, no doubt, how you tame exile.

Jean-François Caron, Voir

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