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La maison à penser de P.

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La maison à penser de P.

Suzanne Leblanc


This philosophical novel of rare depth introduces us to P., a woman who’s been alone since birth, whose home was an unpopulated island in the middle of an ocean full of fish and under a constantly changing sky. Thanks to an erudite, sophisticated and sensitive style of writing, Suzanne Leblanc builds the individuality of a strong character. Readers are invited to meander in the rooms of the bookish house in Vienna belonging to a philosopher with a convincing body of work, and an admirable life. La maison à penser de P. proposes the project of a lifetime: being born in the world of the Big World.

Publication: September 1, 2010
120 pages, 978-2-923530-18-5, Print edition $18.95, PDF/EPub $13.99

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