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L'angoisse du poisson rouge : couverture

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L’angoisse du poisson rouge

Mélissa Verreault


Manue likes to believe that her whole existence, “worthy of a Hollywood script,” is a disaster. Fabio, a young Italian immigrant, feels nowhere at home, because “when you choose to leave the house, it becomes forever forbidden to you.” Their paths cross when Manue goes looking for her goldfish, which mysteriously vanished. The tale of their relationship mingles with Sergio’s, a World War II soldier, who died a hundred times. The trio embarks on an epic journey where jellyfish hold the answers to existential questions, where messages are delivered by pigeon post, and where it is sometimes necessary to break into your own home.

This polyphonic novel embraces the idea that all human beings are linked to shared destinies. It makes us hungry and thirsty, digs up the past and finds out a future we can still hope for.

Publication: September 3, 2014
462 pages, 978-2-923530-82-6, Print edition $27.95, PDF/ePub $20.99,
Rights : English (Baraka)

Praise for L’angoisse du poisson rouge

L’Angoisse du poisson rouge est un petit bonbon qu’il est doux de laisser fondre dans sa bouche alors que la morsure de l’hiver se fait de plus en plus dure à l’extérieur, un livre à lire lové dans une grosse couverture auprès de la cheminée, un livre qui fait du bien au cœur et à la tête.

Agathe Guillot, Cousins de personne

Ahurissant. (…) dans les quelque 450 pages de L’angoisse du poisson rouge (…) il y a aussi de la profondeur, de l’humanité. Et des pointes culminantes d’émotion.

Danielle Laurin, Le Devoir

A novel happily dishevelled, a bit baroque, punctuated by numerous digressions, all opportunities for Mélissa Verreault to sketch between the lines a great number of comments on just as many topics.

Dominique Tardif, Le libraire

A mom of triplets and a writer, Mélissa Verreault has given free rein to her fascination for Italy, history, childhood, the impossible, and humanity at its most unifying and fragile in her third novel, L’angoisse du poisson rouge.

Marie-France Bornais, Journal de Montréal

Very realistic writing. … A well-crafted three-part story. This is a book that examines life and love at different periods.

Jasmin Hains, Radio-Canada cet après-midi

Une excellente lecture d’été.


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