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Le désordre des beaux jours

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Le désordre des beaux jours

Simon Philippe Turcot


A café, without a server or cash register, called “Le désordre des beaux jours” and located in northern Canada. Five eclectic characters: Nathan, Madame, Igor, Monsieur D. and Filipo. A seaplane, five quests, bottles of Shiraz, and the cold surface all around. Then a great vertigo, a parachute, and life, all around.

Publication: March 1, 2007
96 pages, 978-2-923530-05-5, $17.95

Praise for Le désordre des beaux jours

It is almost impossible to let go of this book from the moment you jumped in. Starting from a rather banal plot, Simon Philippe Turcot manages to captivate us and take us into a world with unique images, rich in emotions. A tribute to creation and to Epicurean pleasures, this novel is a sort of Little Prince for adults dreaming of exile and of freedom.

Joël Martel, Voir

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