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Le paradoxe de l’écrivain : Entretien avec Hervé Bouchard

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Le paradoxe de l’écrivain : Entretien avec Hervé Bouchard

Stéphane Inkel


At the origin of the literary work, there is nothing, a simple whiteness where one could inscribe anything. That’s what Hervé Bouchard says, stating by this apparent paradox what can be said of the writer: he is an actor like any other. A voice tells the story and images appear. They belong to everyone. And therein lies the paradox: thinking he is playing by the rules of a game he himself created, the writer goes on covering a range that goes beyond him, a range named “memory,” peopled with books and shattered hopes, unfulfilled griefs and disproportioned expectations. Deep inside these bereaved songs that pass through the novels Mailloux and Parents et amis sont invités à y assister resonates the infinite desire of speaking, which is nothing but a journey through time.

Publication: November 1, 2008
128 pages, 978-2-923530-09-3, 17,95$

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