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Les bouteilles

Sophie Bouchard


Author Sophie Bouchard invites us to a narrative behind closed doors, on a lighthouse at sea, overlooking the shipwrecks along with Cyril, Clovis and Frida, three engaging characters in search of love and the land on which to encounter it. In parallel, the novel takes us to Senegal to meet Cyril’s first love, Rosée, who will be the person behind the largest sending of messages in bottles the ocean has ever seen.

At sea and everywhere else, technological advances are revolutionizing our ways of thinking about the world. Navigation has been transformed. While Cyril, the region’s last lighthouse keeper, continues to guide the ships, young Clovis prepares the automation of the pillar. Meanwhile, out at sea, a storm is brewing.

Bottles, Les bouteilles, for thirst; bottles, for oblivion; bottles, waiting for a sign of life.

Publication: September 20, 2010
207 pages, 978-2-923530-19-2, Print edition $20.95, PDF/ePub $15.99

Praise for Les bouteilles

If you have only one book to read, don’t hesitate to take this one. La Peuplade has a gift for finding authors with a sensitive and human pen, authors that “populate the land.” It goes without saying that Sophie Bouchard’s prose is no exception to the rule.

Rachel Gamache, Primeurs

A breathless piece of writing, embracing the waves crashing against the lighthouse and imposing its pace. A thrilling, dense and fascinating novel.

Yvon Paré, Progrès-Dimanche

This novel doesn’t touch its reader; it enthrals him. An economical, precise piece of writing, which refuses neither lyricism, nor a terrifying scream, nor the softness of a whispered murmur. Les bouteilles stays with us for a long time.

Suzanne Giguère, Le Devoir

In a lighthouse in the middle of the river, three characters rub shoulders and tear each other apart. But it is the movement of the waves and of the earth that opens the world of this beautiful book, written with great delicacy. A novel of water and wind, ethereal and yet concrete, Les bouteilles hypnotizes and seduces.

Josée Lapointe, La Presse

Sophie Bouchard grabs our consciousness from the very first pages of her work and lets go long after we have closed the book.

Jean-François Crépeau, Le Canada français

I got lost, buffeted by winds and by tides in a lighthouse on the St. Lawrence River, lost on a beach in Senegal, had a narrow escape amid a piece of writing between poetry and heartfelt prose, economy of words and generous suggestions.

Josée Blanchette, Le Devoir

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