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Ma guerre sera avec toi

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Ma guerre sera avec toi

Mylène Bouchard


Stationed in Beirut to teach the circus arts to troubled youths, a young Quebec volunteer discovers a complex city, filled with the stories that war leaves in the streets and in the eyes of the population. While rumours spreading of a conflict in Iraq a few hundred kilometres away, she imagines the overflowing of hostilities inside Lebanon and the need to escape by the mountains that border the city.

Publication: May 1, 2006
138 pages, 978-2-923530-00-0, $17.95

Praise for Ma guerre sera avec toi

In this literary work a sincere narrative, some surprising letters and a spontaneous, fresh, assertive poetry—yes! poetry!—all intermingle. … Every moment recorded in this puzzling travel diary overcomes the reader. “I want to read hundreds of thousands of books like that,” the narrator writes. And me, too.

Jean-François Caron, Voir

An engaging book… Read it for its rhythm, its gaze, its voice, its musicality.

Yvon Paré, Lettres québécoises

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