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A long poem, the experience of a mediumistic writing exposing gestures and words exchanged at different levels of creation and intimacy, the irreducible part of Eros committed between people when power, trust, consent and permissiveness incite to what bodies are capable of. To illuminate the physicality of mind and body, the linkages, Chantal Neveu extracts what is being said, what is happening and what is perceived, moves around and replaces words and sentences in order to give the ear a novel flow of sensations, an incessant renewal of affects and senses, an openness to what happens.

Publication: November 1, 2009
98 pages, 978-2-923530-10-9, $17.95

Praise for mentale

French readers will perhaps see in reading this text by a Quebec writer a possible synthesis between two schools: a so-called “white” or “blank poetry,” named for its sobriety and for its cutting up of syntax (the titles of parts evoking Anne-Marie Albiach), and an “action” or “sound poetry,” because of the text’s score-like look. Aware that Chantal Neveu associates moving with reading in public presentations of her work … the reader would not be wrong. This fortunate fusion is one to discover if one is looking for a perceptual experience (mental & physical).

Nicolas Tardy, Cahier critique de poésie du cipM de Marseille

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