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miniatures en pays perdu

François Turcot


miniatures   en pays perdu offers pathways through the memory of bordering, northern places. Constantly interrupted by the use of a typography with holes, which suspends the breathing and the poem itself, the language in this first book by François Turcot is stripped down, in parallel with a certain idea of the north, minimalistic and rocky.

Publication: May 1, 2006
96 pages, 2-923530-01-2, $16.95

Praise for miniatures en pays perdu

With Turcot, the reader is resolutely turned towards the north, thrown by his reading into large areas where chilly, puny trees with frail roots stretch out. The seeing and the remembering are intertwined in this “window-work,” piercing the wall of a house at the end of the world.

Jean-François Caron, Voir

Evocation of the land that becomes the world’s cutting line. Turcot here demonstrates his sense of evocation and image. The poem is rooted in the vastness where the horizons burst.

Yvon Paré, Lettres québécoises

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