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Moulting is the fact for some animals of “changing skin” with the seasons. In humans, it can take the form of a furious love mechanism expressing, one injury after the other, the bitterness, pathos, harshness—even animality—of relationships. When the anger subsides, however, the skin is ready to receive the touch of other fingers. Mue evokes the continuity of suffering in the revival of love, when “shedding your skin” is often a deception—as the real moulting has to be made inside.

Publication: April 11, 2011
92 pages, 978-2-923530-31-4, $18.95

Praise for Mue

A beautiful book, carried all the way by a sustained and powerful spirit.

Simon-Pierre Beaudet, Le Libraire

“I retained this sound / the slamming of your hands / against the table the feeling / that I / was born through them.” Mue, the third poetry book by Isabelle Gaudet-Labine, a young Quebec author, opens with these lines. It feels good to be lulled, from one page to the next, by the heartbeat-like rhythm of her poems. We enter into each one of them on tiptoe. We skim, in passing, the suffering of the rupture between what was and what will be, love lost and found again, the strains of a harrowing femininity and, especially, the fragility of a raw, open heart. Hats off to this author who, with astonishing honesty, manages to place a scream in the heart of silence.

Stéphany Gagnon, Librairie Pantoute

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