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Isabelle Gaudet-Labine


Pangaea—“all lands”—was a supercontinent that existed millions of years ago. Inspired by geology and the evolution of species, the poetry of Isabelle Gaudet-Labine moves from fragmentation towards unity, and opens a dialogue witnessing the failure of language and identity, the partition of being, the loss of landmarks. “Words drop like bones,” whereas being wants to stand. “Transform faults” are then born, unavoidable fractures occur, a “reverse drift” is experienced: “the head disengages the voice,” continents get closer to one another, assembling an inner Pangaea. Before our eyes, a poetic territory claims its affiliation with “disorder” and “detours,” as those are the requirements of discovery. They provide strength and uniqueness to thought and speech.

Publication: September 16, 2014
94 pages, 978-2923530-84-0, Print edition $19.95, PDF 14.99

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