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Point d’équilibre

Mélissa Verreault

Short stories

In Point d’équilibre, we find 11 short stories embedded one inside the other like Russian dolls, which highlight the fact that our fates are inextricably linked and that daily life is a constant struggle to keep our balance. Balance is an illusion, a utopia. One must be a true tightrope walker to live in society without losing one’s footing. This book deals with themes as diverse as family relationships, illness, death, powerlessness, the inexplicable, sex, passion, despair, absurdity, solitude, the unknown, and exile. The characters are all, to varying degrees, at a loss for reference points.


Publication: October 1, 2012
176 pages, 978-2-923530-48-2, Print edition $21.95, PDF/Epub $15.99

Praise for Point d’équilibre

Eleven fictions follow one another in Point d’équilibre, a collection of short stories by Mélissa Verreault which transports the reader from Quebec to Afghanistan, with regular stops in Italy. All this done in a fluid language, traversed by touches of humour.

Radio-Canada / Plus on est de fous, plus on lit

With Point d’équilibre, a well-crafted collection of short stories, Mélissa Verreault proves, with empathy and intelligence, that she is capable of placing herself into the shoes of a small boy or immigrant by pinpointing what overturns their world.

Josée Lapointe, La Presse

In this bouquet of short stories, some of which are inspired by her own life experiences, the writer takes pleasure in placing her characters in bewildering situations. It makes for touching and insightful stories.

Lisanne Rheault-Leblanc, 7 jours

A former journalist for the trendy Urbania magazine, Mélissa Verreault published Voyage léger, a promising first novel, in 2011. A mom of triplets since last April, she’s back with a collection of short stories. Eleven stories that, with strength and subtlety, capture that moment when the balance point threatens to tip.

Monique Roy, Châtelaine

I enjoyed every moment. It’s full of real-life experiences, and it shows. It’s a very sensitive style of writing. A very, very beautiful book.

Patricia Tadros, Radio-Canada / Première heure

There are moments in life when everything changes. This is what Mélissa Verreault’s book of short stories Point d’équilibre beautifully illustrates. We follow, among others, a depressed ballerina who is injured, a future father of triplets, and a daughter who will bury her mother. Well done!

Émilie Côté, La Presse

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