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Quai 31

Marisol Drouin


Forced to leave their island submerged by water, hundreds of refugees find themselves on a freight ship that will take them across the ocean to Pier 31. Échine and her mother are two of them. Taken care of by the authorities, they are crammed into a neighbourhood near the port. There begins for Échine a life without guidance. He will meet an ambitious young man who will take him under his wing and a woman with two faces. Immunized against the virus that twists spines, he will be both an actor in and a witness to the end of the world a thousand times announced, a thousand times experienced.

This piece of pure fiction by Marisol Drouin, a young author born in 1976 in Charlevoix and living in Montreal, can be devoured in one sitting. Quai 31 is Drouin’s first novel.

Publication: March 21, 2011
86 pages, 978-2-923530-29-1, Print edition $19.95, PDF $14.99

Praise for Quai 31

The further we move into Quai 31, the more we enter into a world that doesn’t exists as such, but which we know isn’t very far away. If some of the sentences show us the characters’ humanity, we emerge from the book shaken by such a sombre projection.

Josée Lapointe, La Presse

This is a good novel. I was captivated by the writing. A precise style, concise, effective, full of images. A dark story, but supported by luminous writing. It’s an atmospheric novel, very poetic, very beautiful.

Annie Landreville, Radio-Canada / Info-réveil

A taste of the end of the world. It’s enigmatic. A superb novel.

Lorraine Pintal, Radio-Canada / Vous m’en lirez tant

Quai 31 is a post-apocalyptic novel. It’s very dark, but it’s an excellent book. Two hours of intense happiness.

Éric Blackburn, Radio-Canada / La Librairie Francophone

Carried by a colourful, dynamic, effective writing, Quai 31 can be read in one sitting. Here’s a novel that raises awareness about the predictable extent of population movements and the loss of ethnic and cultural diversity.

Suzanne Giguère, Le Devoir

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