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salut Loup !

Laurance Ouellet Tremblay


This book speaks of a contradiction—which may not be one at all. Of a perceived disagreement which transforms, as the poems go by, into a line of osmosis between the tremendous love and the astounding violence implied by an engendering act. From “the possibility that one day our hearts might explode with joy” to “a right to the most fierce, unreasonable, and insolent anger there is” rises a song of salvation, of an improbable welcome. Different voices, using five tableaux, unfold a poetry that can be ironic and quizzical, pianoforte poetry.

Publication: February 18, 2014
94 pages, 978-2923530-70-3, Print edition $19.95$ / PDF $14.99

Praise for salut Loup !

C’est une telle voix, déraisonnable et sans mesure, qu’on entend dans les livres de Laurance Ouellet Tremblay. Le dernier en particulier : Salut Loup!, qui prolonge le chantier ouvert avec Était une bête (La Peuplade, 2010) – deux livres de poèmes parmi les plus beaux que j’ai vus paraître ces dernières années.

Michaël Trahan, Revue Liberté

With Salut Loup! Laurance Ouellet Tremblay gives us a second book of considerable interest. Far from confining itself to an aesthetic research, it digs up and brings to light strong and evocative poetry.

Chloé Leduc-Bélanger, Les méconnus

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