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Derrière les forêts

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Derrière les forêts

François Turcot


In the wake of successive footsteps, it is at night that these paths, these lively passages open. Born of an impulse, of a narrative breath where two characters, the reader, imaginary lives and figures of madness merge, Derrière les forêts proposes a syncopated and unusual walk under the cover of a stripped-down language that make us question and see.

Publication: April 1, 2008
86 pages, 978-2-923530-06-2, $17.95

Praise for Derrière les forêts

There is such rigour and cohesion in this book by François Turcot that we are driven almost physically to reading, by the brushing of ferns, of broken lines formed by the trees, of trails winding through solitude. The walk in the forest becomes here a true moral code of attention and listening.

Élise Turcotte, Fondation Émile-Nelligan

François Turcot’s second book deposits a strange feeling in us, which we should meditate with him: does the fact of being accompanied where we are going necessarily imply that we should be together? Can we share the night? The last part of the book is relayed, and literally taken over, by the voice of the second one, who so far had been silent and submissive to the first one’s initiative. The second one, like the person who did not come with me, seems to say: I am the Other in your night!

Alexis Lussier, Spirale

In Derrière les forêts, the writing is already intelligent and creative, not hesitating in establishing within the same verse a series of criss-crosses where images answer one another backwards, with the previous one seeking to clarify or complete the following one. We are dealing with a personal voice rooted in a unique vision.

Monique Deland, Moebius

Derrière les forêts by François Turcot is an invitation to follow a unique narrative plot “behind the border / the palisade the threshold of certitudes / the balm of ligneous forests.” Stimulated by the invisible, the poem is here embodied in the descriptive: “Carried away by the tumults / aided by the fury / of imaginary lives.”

Sylvain Marois, Canadian Literature

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