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Les États-Unis du vent

Daniel Canty


Hoist the windsock.
Consult the compass.
Run where the wind takes you.


End of 2010. From late fall to early winter, Daniel Canty morphs into a wind seeker. On board the distinguished Blue Rider truck, midnight blue and capped with a weather vane, he allows himself to drift, surrendering completely to the flow of air currents. The journey takes him from the grassy plains of the Midwest to the windy city of Chicago. He plunges into the wind tunnel of the Great Lakes, stumbles through the vanished industries of the Rust Belt cities, branches off into the pastoral lands of the Amish towards the woods of Pennsylvania, ploughed with black gold and civil war.

Part travel book and part fable, Les États-Unis du vent [“The United States of the Wind”] is a book with winged feet, in which the map of an invisible America slowly unfolds, sparkling with revelations.

Publication: April 8, 2014
288 pages, 978-2-923530-72-7, Print edition $24.95, PDF / ePub $18.99,
Rights : World English

Praise for Les États-Unis du vent

À n’en pas douter, la plume de Canty est également fille du vent. Sa prose teintée de lyrisme tient son souffle chaud de la brise de’été, dont on se laisse paisiblement bercer. L’atmosphère qu’elle recrée est éthérée, onirique, et accorde un statut poétique à des objets littéraires hautement improbables. (…) Une oeuvre bigarrée, composite, à l’image du parcours de son auteur.

David Laporte, Nuit Blanche

Je lis ce livre comme un essai, un protocole de pensée. Canty ne fait pas tant une théorie du vent qu’une cartographie de réflexions, sur ce que contient le vide, ce qui occupe l’espace imperceptible entre nous (…). Le véritable objet d’amour, ou de quête, de ce livre n’est pas un phénomène météorologique. Ce serait plutôt quelque chose comme l’âme américaine.

Valérie Lefebvre-Faucher, Revue Liberté

Between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia, Canty records a whirlwind of reflections, at times deep, at times pleasing, and always enlightened… More personal essay than travel narrative, Les États-Unis du vent is a priceless guide on the elusive essence of adventure: “One does not look for the wind; it finds you.”

Martine Desjardins, L'Actualité

An aeolian art form? Almost. It is most certainly the sensitive and intuitive documentation of a journey guided by the air currents.

Catherine Lalonde, Le Devoir

Canty not only tells the story, but has a keen sense of observation: the similitudes between the cities visited, the people encountered at rest areas looking for places to stay or to eat, the ubiquity of sports and of televisions. Observation is never far from commentary, yet Canty’s total absence of prejudice against our southern neighbours allows for a tone of curiosity and intelligence which this narrative needed. He is able to link his recent memories of books or films with impressions and experiences acquired during the trip, giving an additional dimension to the narrative.

Élizabeth Lord, Les Méconnus

An unlikely journey, an unclassifiable book. We are on the road with them, pointing at the weather vane’s direction, and we let ourselves be carried away.


Marie-Hélène Vaugeois, Librairie Vaugeois

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