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Nicolas Lévesque


Lutte is the construction of a photographic subject, sensitive and humane, which took place over a period of three years. By practicing a true “photography d’auteur,” Nicolas Lévesque precisely tracks the authenticity of the moment. Lutte displays passionate wrestlers, as well as an intriguing audience, equally enthusiastic.

“Here, a contorted face, an overplayed pain, a paroxystic trait; there, a tangle of limbs, a mass of human material. Sometimes, a fleeting emotion captured on a spectator’s face, this luminous impression of being part of a big show, of experiencing justice’s pantomime, a universal passion expressed in its most dramatic outburst.” (Excerpt from De la photographie d’auteur: Pour une archéologie du visible [“On Photography d’Auteur: Towards an Archaeology of the Visible”], a text by Max-Antoine Guérin.)

Publication: November 5, 2013
24 pages, 978-2-923530-64-2, $11.43

Praise for Lutte

Coffee table book? Hum. Book? Not quite. Those few very large pages, neither bound nor sewn together, form an unclassifiable document of which only 400 copies were printed. The unusual format serves Nicolas Lévesque’s hyperprecise visual essay on “Jonquière Championship” wrestlers well. We see them, slumped dead in the ring after the fight, perched on the ropes, in action, or fused in an indissoluble clinch. Thirty magnificent photos leave their mark.

Catherine Lalonde, Le Devoir

With this first issue of the “Les Grands Cahiers” series, publisher La Peuplade offers to photography enthusiasts a product which is both different and affordable. … Book “01” provides an essay by Quebec photographer and filmmaker Nicolas Lévesque on “Jonquière Championship” wrestlers. The project took over three years and addresses its subjects as real people and in a sensitive way. Hopefully, this great initiative [from La Peuplade] will continue with many equally interesting issues!

Tribune, Magazine Photo Solution

All the show’s actors are in the spotlight inside the photo journal: the wrestlers, the referees, the promoters, the members of the audience, the fights, the spectacle… it’s all there, treated with plenty of emotion. The photos of the spectators are among the most evocative images, full of lighting contrasts and genuine expressions.

Roger Blackburn, Le Progrès-Dimanche

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