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Nos échoueries

Jean-François Caron


Sainte-Euphrasie, a tiny village on the river’s shore, looks like all the others. The village is slowly dying. In this simple riverside setting, a man, distraught by the death of his parents (whom he hadn’t seen for a long time), goes looking for consolation. Retracing his steps, he will find the old house, the excitement of his childhood games, the invented stories, those that were told to him. A young woman traveller comes with him. A new life will emerge in Sainte-Euphrasie.

It is said that foreigners are like cormorants, spreading death and disease. Is it a coincidence? After their arrival, the village will never be the same again.

In this dense and spellbinding novel, Jean-François Caron accurately depicts the landscape and reality of villages located far from urban centres. The life led in silence, the slippery slopes, the open horizon, and the deserting youth.

Nos échoueries won in 2010 the Prix Jovette-Bernier of the Salon du livre de Rimouski.

Publication: April 1, 2010
154 pages, 978-2-923530-15-4, $19.95

Praise for Nos échoueries

Nos échoueries is nothing like those easy novels, soon read and soon forgotten, often modeled after ready-made recipes. A unique voice, a peculiar world, some interiority: it’s a real discovery. Something is bewitching, something keeps us inside. The images are strong.

Danielle Laurin, Le Devoir

What’s interesting in this novel is Caron’s very spoken language, which gets a hold of us with its poetry, its way of living and speaking nature. The tale-like portion of the book brings to the story a density that exceeds the simple subjective observation.

Candide Proulx, Voir

Driven by a clear yet often vivid and metaphorical writing, this novel knows how to stir emotions by subtly touching the essence of human feelings. A novel of great accuracy and authentic beauty. The chapters are short, like long poems, actually. They give us time to breathe and invite us to savour the words.

Mario Cloutier, La Presse

A story that takes us into an inner process. The gaze is extremely important in this novel. Jean-François Caron has a sound, a tone, a signature. An extremely lush writing, mesmerizing. This is a beautiful novel. A great accomplishment.

Yvon Paré, Radio-Canada / Beau temps, mauvais temps

The reader participates in the story of a world where every element illuminates the plot. Short sentences, vivid punctuation, images and other metaphors illuminating what is told, following the nuances required by the plot and the locations that serve as backdrops.

Jean-François Crépeau, Le Canada Français

A beautiful book. A very poetic narrative.

Chrystine Brouillet, Radio-Canada / Vous m’en lirez tant

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